About Me

Hi there! I'm Elianiva. My online alias was taken from my middle name without the first and last letter. My name is Dicha Zelianivan Arkana. I'm a 17 y/o Asian boi who loves to build websites (or any software related things at this point) and contribute to any open source projects that I like.

I've been learning web development since Q3 2019. I know HTML, CSS, and JS/TS and all that jazz quite well. Currently interested on learning lower level language like Rust. I also quite like Lua since I use Neovim and AwesomeWM.

I was born and raised in Indonesia. I can speak Indonesian natively (obviously), and English quite fluently. I am currently learning Japanese because I want to be able to speak a language that uses a different writing system. Also, I want to try to live abroad in the future.

If you want to reach me then feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Discord @elianiva#1558. I rarely checked Twitter and only use it for Vtuber or Art related stuff. I became more active on Discord lately though, so that'd be a better option to reach me out. Or you can just email me, I check my email quite often.

Fun fact about me (click this if you really want to know me ;)

I'm that guy who easily gets obsessed with something that I found interesting. One of them is Babymetal, I found them out around March 2020 and got instantly obsessed with them. They are the main reason why I decided to learn Japanese and appreciate Japanese culture.

I also love an anime called Kill La Kill (as you might have known judging by my github profile), I took Senketsu and Junketsu colour for my website ツ

I also love Vtubers. Before I watch them, I said to myself "why would I watch some random 2D anime character streaming on Youtube?" but here I am, ended up watching a lot of vtubers on my free time. It also helped me learn Japanese a bit.

Some weird thing about me is, I don't really like to discuss stuff that I like with other people (not all of them, I do enjoy talking about anime related stuff with my friends). I don't know why, I like some things better if I just enjoy it myself and not talk about it with other people.

My Website

I made this website mainly because I want to keep a note to myself, but I thought it's a good idea to make it public. I sometimes forgot stuff that I did. By having this website, I can just revisit what I've done in the past.

I use Sapper and MDSveX to build this website and it's hosted on Vercel. If you want more detail about my website the you might want to read this post where I explain the process of making this site.

The picture that you see on the home page is Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill. It was commissioned from Enzore, such a cool artist. Do yourself a favour by checking his artworks! I took it from my github pfp so that might change in the future. Also, if you noticed the icon for my website, it's a shitty drawing of derp eyed Ryuko that I made a while back. I like to draw every now and then just for fun.

My Setup

My laptop is Thinkpad X220. I use Linux as my Operating System. Archlinux to be more specific. I've used Linux since around Q3 of 2019. I spent most of my time inside terminal and rest of it inside a browser or random GUI app. I prefer using my keyboard over my mouse everywhere if possible (except browsing the internet, mouse is way better)

I use a Window Manager called AwesomeWM, such an awesome window manager. I also use a text editor called Neovim. I've been using it fulltime since around Q4 of 2019. It's actually my first text editor that I feel comfortable with and do something serious. I started using it when I got my first laptop. After using it for quite a while my config is has grown quite a lot. It is now written in Lua and is quite lengthy. I've written some post explaining some of my config if you're interested on that. Anyway, here's my dotfiles if you want.

Well, I guess that's about it. Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you found something useful from my site. Have a wonderful day! =)